I am often asked for advice about what to wear during a boudoir photo shoot. Despite my advice, occasionally I have women turn up for a photo shoot in something “sexy” which they aren’t comfortable in. This impacts the whole session because they are unable to relax and so always seem to be holding something back. So, I’ve decided to tackle the question another way.

Rather than answering the seemingly simple question “what should I wear?” let’s take a look at a different angle and ask “how do you want to feel?”

Sexy and sensual means different things to different people. There’s one consistent and fundamental theme though; to truly be sexy, we need to be ourselves.

This doesn’t mean you can’t try out new and exciting things at your boudoir photo shoot! But it does mean you need to be comfortable. Later in this post, I’m going to talk through some example looks which range from daring to modest. They all have at least one thing in common – they are all incredibly sexy.

First though, let’s talk about how you should prepare before deciding what looks you will go for, and before you spend any money.

Less is more isn’t always true

When it comes to boudoir, sometimes more is better. You don’t have to reveal all to be sexy. You don’t have to be wearing the smallest bra and thong to be alluring. Often, we achieve the best shots when you leave a little more to the imagination.

This is especially important if you are more self-conscious – we don’t have to cross any boundaries you aren’t comfortable with to achieve the sexiest boudoir photos possible.

Do your research

Ask yourself, and perhaps your partner, what would feature in your favourite fantasy. Be honest here and then think about how to capture some of that in your boudoir shoot.

This is a very personal subject and you need not worry what anybody else is going to think about any ideas you come up with. As well as helping you get great shoots on the day, you may also surprise each other!

It’s also possible that you could save yourself some money not buying fancy lingerie when you find out your partner thinks you’re incredibly sexy wearing things you (or they) already own. Which leads us to number 3…

Don’t overcomplicate

Don’t get hung up on what you think everyone else thinks is sexy. Often, it’s the simple things that are the most evocative. You don’t want to blow your entire pay cheque on fancy and uncomfortable underwear if all you need to do is steal your partner’s favourite t-shirt or one of their white shirts!

Don’t rush the decision. Don’t forget, you can take more than one outfit option to your boudoir session. You can decide on the day what to try out, or not.

If you’re going to shop for something new, don’t leave it to the last minute to go out and make the purchase(s). Take your time to think about what you’re going to buy. Focus on how it makes you feel. And most importantly, if you can’t find something that makes you feel amazing – don’t buy it.

Make sure you are comfortable

I’m not saying you need to be able to sit and watch the telly or do the dishes in your chosen outfits, but you do need to be able to relax. As always, if there are any parts of your body that you aren’t happy with, we can work around that on the day. We have beautiful props we can use to work with the angles of shooting to hide the bits you want hidden. We also have meters of luxurious fabrics which we can wrap or drape in different ways to make you feel super sexy and super secure.

But. Don’t rely on the magic of the day. Underneath all of that, you need to be yourself and be able to get to a place where you are open to experimenting.

If you’re going to buy something new, make sure you get a proper fitting first. The women who do bra fittings do it every day. Not only will they make sure that you have the perfect fitting bra, but they can also give you pointers and ideas on which styles will work best for your body. It’s a free and widely available service, make the most of it! Even if the place you get fitted doesn’t have anything that you like, you can shop elsewhere better equipped with up-to-date knowledge of your body.

Our bodies change all of the time. If you had a fitting two years ago, it doesn’t mean you’re wearing the right size today.

So go for a fitting. Take a friend and make it fun. You won’t just feel more comfortable during your photo shoot, you might even feel more confident every day. I don’t know about you, but if I know I’m wearing lovely underwear that fits, it always makes me feel better – regardless of what I throw on top of it! 

Now that we’ve established the groundwork, let’s look at some examples of looks which are sexy, but not necessarily skimpy.

Go retro, really retro 

Let’s think about the twenties for a minute. The parties were wild, the clothing was free, and the women were seriously sexy. This image shows three different ways to capture the look and feel of that time, in three very different ways. Any one of these versions would make for a sultry boudoir image. The main point here is that all three outfits are sexy – the skimpiest one isn’t the “best” and the modest one isn’t “boring”.

Personally, I love the classic look shown here. There’s so much scope to play around and have fun with. We could layer up different fabrics on our chaise longue and really go to town with our vintage accessories!

Cover ups can be sexy too 

These looks all include a cover up, with various styles of lingerie. Again, this look lends itself really well to props and accessories. This look could be for you if you want to feel brave, but you’re not sure if you have what it takes on the day. You could go for the daring look, but not have it on show. You’ll feel sexy underneath, like you’re keeping a secret, and that can really add to the mood and feel of a boudoir shoot.

Embrace the Fantasy 

Steampunk is great if you really want to embrace a theme. It’s also great if you want to incorporate corsets. Corsets are your best friend – the right one will accentuate your curves and hide any bits you’re not happy with. But! Make sure it fits. You will also want to consider how long it takes you to put it on. Don’t worry, I’ll be available to help you out and I’ve plenty of experience with these things.

There’s so much scope for accessories, from hats to shoes and everything in between. If you really want to try being somebody else for the day, this could be the look for you.

The Ultimate Classic (credit: Grecian Goddess)

You can’t really get much more classic than Grecian. Here again, you can see a range of looks which don’t involve baring all. When we imagine Grecian goddesses we think of soft flowing lines and effortless movement. Not to mention power. All of these will never fail to translate really well in a boudoir photo shoot. It’s the ultimate in class and decadence.

Really go for it and unleash your inner goddess.

Beware – this much white doesn’t work for everyone!

All of these looks have two things in common:

  1. They are all incredibly sexy
  2. They don’t involve being stripped down or uncomfortably trussed up

Actually, they have four things in common – they all lend themselves wonderfully to adding accessories and creating a gorgeous boudoir photograph!

Don’t forget though, sexy and sensual does not need to be skimpy. Often, leaving more to the imagination and creating an image that allows the mind to wander is by far the sexiest image we could create. As always, we want you to feel empowered throughout your boudoir photo shoot experience. This means we want you to feel confident during the shoot and happy with the images we create together.

Keep an eye out for future blog posts as we will be sharing more looks to inspire your boudoir photo shoot.