Before we go through some of the many reasons why you and your special someone should try an intimate couple’s boudoir photo shoot, let’s just get one thing clear: there’s no template for a couple’s boudoir shoot. Each session and experience is unique to the people involved. We don’t follow a formula and the outcome is very much based on the personalities involved.

This means that if you want your photo shoot to be cosy and relaxed, that’s what we will make it. If you want it to be sexy and revealing, you’ve got it. We’ll help and encourage you along the way, but if you’re not comfortable with our suggestions, we will move on and try something else. The end result will be something personal and specific to the two of you. Something you can be proud of and something that serves as a reminder of what’s important to your relationship.

So, why should you do this with your significant other? If you aren’t already convinced, here are some of the reasons we think you should consider having a couple’s boudoir photo shoot…

It Builds Intimacy

You’ve already chosen to spend your life with your partner and you’ve already shown each other all sorts of parts of yourselves – physically and emotionally. Sharing an experience like this can take all of that one step further, adding to those building blocks of intimacy which make up your relationship.

Through the shared experience and the physical prompt of your beautiful images, you will be reminded of the time together and your special bond. A couple’s shoot isn’t about the individuals so much as the two of you – what you each bring to your partnership and how you complement each other. Shifting the focus and shining a light specifically on your relationship to think about how best to capture that in print really highlights the attraction between two people.

You may find that afterwards, you have a new appreciation for each other, an added layer to your relationship. Learning new things with and about your partner is a beautiful bonding experience; we want you to get the most out of it.

It’s a Very Romantic Experience

In our intimate and very private new studio, we can set the scene to reflect exactly what romance is for you. We may need to make some allowances for lighting to enable us to get the perfect shot! If rose petals and luxurious fabrics do it for you, you’ve got it. If you prefer simplicity, we can do that too. We will discuss whatever makes the two of you feel comfortable, close and together to create that romantic mood, especially for you.

At the studio, we have a range of props for you to try out and get comfy with. Including a king size bed, chaise longue and a plush love seat! You’re welcome to bring smaller props with you as well. These might include sumptuous throws, fabrics, flowers, etc. Anything you’re unsure of, please just ask. We really want you to feel comfortable and relaxed so that we can help you get the absolute most out of your experience.

Ultimately, the goal is to create an atmosphere where the two of you can be yourselves. We’ll be there with you to capture the moment, but you will be the only focus.

You’ll Both Feel VERY Sexy

Even if you don’t feel sexy at the beginning of the shoot, you will by the time we are done. You can each bring a variety of outfits along which we can play around with. This could range from super sexy underwear to your other half’s favourite t-shirt – whatever does it for you.

There aren’t really any rules here. If one of you is more comfortable with nothing or little on and the other would rather be covered up, then we can make that work. If you’re both happy to reveal all, that can make a great shot too! We don’t have to jump straight into the bare necessities; we can work up to it gradually so that you feel comfortable.

It’s also a good excuse for you to pamper yourselves before the shoot! Treat yourselves to manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. to make sure you’re ready and at your best ahead of the session. This isn’t mandatory – if you’d rather keep your look natural, that’s perfectly fine with us.

Personal Connection

We all take people for granted and sometimes miss the little things about people which make our lives better, easier and worthwhile. During our photo shoots, we aim to focus on your personal connection by literally having you strip down together and thinking about how you are with each other. A shared photo shoot can serve as a reminder of all of the reasons you’ve chosen each other in the first place.

Sometimes this can be a little surprising. Seeing yourselves and each other from a slightly different perspective can really solidify your existing bond as a couple. For example; catching that admiring glance from your partner you maybe don’t notice or even have the chance to see; focusing on the way you touch and hold each other; and having it all captured in black and white (or colour if you prefer!), can serve as a constant reminder to you both.

After your couple’s boudoir photo shoot, you’ll feel more connected to each other. And maybe even just a little bit more in love – but we don’t offer guarantees on that…

It’s Fun!

This is a chance for both of you to really celebrate your partnership and have fun doing it. You can both relax with a glass of bubbly and listen to your choice of music before we get into the shoot. You can choose whether you want to get ready together or go for the big reveal and surprise each other!

In our comfortable and private studio, you can try new things or rely on what you know you’re already comfortable with. You can laugh together and really explore how to capture the definition of your relationship as an image. We will help you along the way with suggestions and direction. We want you to enjoy the session as relaxed shots always look more natural and “real” than if you’re nervous or tense.

Being Nervous Isn’t a Problem

Sometimes we find that one half of the partnership is really keen on the idea of a shared photo shoot while the other may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Let me reassure you; we’ve seen all of this before and we pride ourselves on building a relaxed and trusting environment. There’s no judgement here and we want you both to feel comfortable so that we can capture your honest and true relationship. We aren’t shooting for a couples brochure and we don’t want polished, contrived images. We want something unique and personal to you. Something that doesn’t exist anywhere else, with anyone else.

If one or both of you are feeling a little nervous about the experience, it can really help to bring familiar items with you. Bringing a little bit of home to the studio can help to make you feel at ease. Failing that, a glass of bubbly or a good cup of tea usually does the job! The main thing is to focus on why you’re doing this and what you want to achieve – a physical reminder of your relationship and who you are together, now.

We will have a consultation session before the shoot to discuss your ideas. We will talk about what you like and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t like. If there are any angles or “problem areas” that you don’t want to be shot, just let us know. We may challenge you on these of course if we think it will make for a beautiful shot, but ultimately, it’s your call. These photos are for you, so you get the final say. The whole experience will be a collaboration between my team and the two of you, but you’re the ones who will take the final shot(s) home, and we want you to be happy with how you look.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 2 or 20 years, sharing a boudoir photo shoot with your partner is an amazing experience. You’ll find out new things about each other, remind yourselves of all of the little reasons why you’re together and you’ll reaffirm all of those big reasons too.

Whether you are thinking of booking a couple’s boudoir photo shoot as a surprise gift for your other half, or if this is something you’ve been discussing together, we can answer any further questions you have. Of course, if you have already decided and want to talk about booking your session, that’s great too!

Please feel free to get in touch; we’d love to hear from you. Or if you want to book a session then check out our availability here.