We’ve talked before about what to do before and during your boudoir shoot, now we’re going to talk about what not to do. How to avoid some particular faux pas during your shoot. As with all of our blog posts, these are all written with you in mind so that you get the most out of your boudoir photo session with me.

Our goal is for your boudoir photo session to be the best that it can be. We want it to be an empowering, liberating and fulfilling experience for you. Not just for one day, but for every day afterward, whether you are looking back on the images we capture, or just remembering why you should have confidence in and with your body.

Let’s get started with the things you should avoid before and during your photo shoot.

Not bringing enough outfits with you

It’s better to have more options than too few. If you only bring a couple of outfits or lingerie items, we will be severely limited in our options on the day.

Aside from avoiding potential disaster if we find there’s a problem with an outfit that maybe you hadn’t noticed beforehand, we often find that the mood during the session can change. You may start the day feeling a little shy, but by the time we’ve taken some fantastic shots and tried some new things, you will feel more confident. You may find that you are up for trying things that you would have never considered at the beginning of the session!

The more options you bring with you – whether separates, complete outfits, or accessories – the more scope we have to work with.

It’s also highly likely that you are your worst critic, and that actually, fresh eyes would see you looking absolutely fabulous in an outfit that you would never consider yourself in.

So, bring more. Don’t restrict yourself – or us! We probably won’t get to try out everything you bring, but it’s always best to have the chance rather than not.

Be brave with us.


Not trying on your outfits ahead of your photo shoot

Time is precious. We want to spend as much of your boudoir shoot creating beautiful images with (and of) you. We don’t want to have to worry about gaping if things are too big, or pinching if things are too small.

While there will be some post-production work on the images, the idea isn’t to airbrush out imperfections. We don’t think that’s necessary – you’re beautiful just as you are. We don’t need to construct a better version of you.

Please – please – make sure you try on your underwear and any other items well ahead of your photo shoot. It’s important that you’re comfortable during your shoot.

Don’t forget that the size of your clothes will not be captured in any of the images. Just you. Looking fabulous and confident.

Not going for the natural look

Makeup is a glorious tool.

But. We still want you to look like you. We want to capture who you are, and in order to do that, we need to see you. Therefore, we do not advise heavy makeup that makes you look like someone else. After all, we want you to look back on the images and know that was you and how great you looked, not how you thought the makeup made you look like a different person.

We can offer you a makeup artist for your shoot if you require. Our makeup artist will just accentuate your good points and will keep things simple. However, you don’t have to use our makeup artist. You can either do your own makeup before the shoot or use your own makeup artist.

Similar to your outfit choices, we wouldn’t recommend trying things out for the first time on the day of your photo shoot. This is less of an issue with a makeup artist, but if you’re doing your own, make sure you’re comfortable with your look ahead of the day.

Last minute tans

This is related to the previous point, but is so important that we think it stands alone!

Please don’t chase a tan ahead of your photo shoot. Fake or otherwise. So many things can go wrong. You might end up with sunburn or tan lines if you go for a sunbed (or just sit in the garden). Having red patches all over your body or heavy tan lines will not look flattering in photos. Plus it can be painful for yourself as well especially when you are laying on the bed or moving around. 

Getting a fake tan just before a photo shoot also does not always work as if you have just had one and the colour has not had time to settle then this can also photograph poorly. The flashes usually pick up colours that we cannot always see with the naked eye. Also, the tan may again be uneven or coloured incorrectly. And if you have just used a self tanner and it has not settled then it can also start to come off onto your favourite lingerie and also onto our props.

The natural look, no matter how pale you might think you are, is always best. Rather than focussing on your skin tone or any unevenness, you may be self-conscious of, instead, try to think of the colours of your outfits and accessories. If you choose colours that complement your natural tones, whether this is your hair, skin, eyes, etc. this will make for a much more natural and cohesive set of images.

Being too ambitious with changes in between shoots

We want to spend as much time as possible photographing you at your photo shoot. This doesn’t mean we want to restrict you to one look for the whole session. It does, however, mean that you should be realistic about the sorts of changes to make between your different looks.

For example, simple adjustments to your hair are okay, but we don’t really want to lose camera time while you construct a whole new hairdo. Similarly, makeup refreshes are fine, but creating a whole new makeup look in between looks isn’t realistic or a good use of our time together.

Forgetting the simple things

Whether you shave, wax or pluck – make sure you’re camera ready ahead of the day. However, you choose to remove any unwanted hair, make sure you’ve allowed time for your skin to calm down. We don’t want any unnecessary blotches or rashes.

It’s also a good idea to give your skin some TLC on the days running up to your boudoir session. Perhaps an intensive moisturiser on your arms and legs, or just remembering to moisturise in the first place. We all know that having the pot of moisturiser on the bedside table doesn’t actually nourish your skin – you have to actually apply it!

Use your boudoir session as an excuse to have a long soak in the bath, maybe with some special bubbles. Why only treat yourself for a day when you can make it last a week? Go for it.

Don’t get drunk

Finally, before or during your photo shoot, it’s a really bad idea to have too much to drink.

We aren’t saying you can’t enjoy a glass or two to help you relax or just savour the moment, but don’t go overboard.

We want the images we capture to be you at your most beautiful. In order to do that, we need bright, clear eyes.

Aside from how it all looks, your photo shoot is a collaboration between you, the subject, and your photographer. In order to go on that journey together, it’s important to communicate properly. This isn’t just about being able to talk about what could or should be done, but also to understand and be able to focus. If you’ve had too much to drink, your attention span might suffer and so will your focus.

We want you to be aware and remember every moment of your photo shoot, and feel proud and confident afterwards.

So there you have it, our 7 tips on what not to do at your boudoir photo shoot. For more background on how to achieve the right look for you at your boudoir shoot, take a look at our blog post Why Sexy and Sensual Doesn’t Need to be Skimpy. Alternatively, try reading our post about Old Hollywood Glamour for inspiration for your boudoir photo shoot.